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Holly 2020

The Gate - Power of Inner and Outer Potency! Throughout this lunar cycle we are given the light that will sustain us as we prepare to enter the waning vibrations of the year. That Light is the Law of Self Dominion. It is a powerful law to learn, live, and lavish...

Oak 2020

The Womb of the New World! Hello everyone: I’m writing this well before New Moon. Simply, I was inspired to do so as I meditated and prayed for worldly assistance. During the meditation I was brought into a space of memory of poems I used to write. Why? Well,...


At 12:41:18 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time we have a New Moon with an Annular Solar Eclipse.  We will not see this occur.  It will be visually noted in Africa, parts of the Congo, Ethiopia, Northern India, and China.  It is called an Annular Solar Eclipse,...

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New Moon Mothers