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Hazel 2020

Hazel -the Light On The Bridge Hello everyone:I would bet you are wondering about the Inner Builder aligned with Hazel this month. Yet, this is the year The Divine Feminine Stands Alone and reveals wholeness in Hazel. Hazel is both the Outer and Inner Builder. She is...

Cosmic Influence – New Moon – August 18, 2020

The New Moon is exact at 8:41:31 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time on August 18th.  The Moon will meet with the Sun at precisely 26 degree 35 minutes in Leo.  Mercury rides with them at 28 degree 7 Minutes in Leo.  They all initiate a Grand Fire Trine and a...

Dr. Katherine Bell interview on The Wisdom of Wyse Women Podcast

Enjoy listening to Dr. Katherine Bell being interviewed about her sacred journey with Kristi Derkacy, host of The Wisdom of Wyse Women Podcast. Recently I was in a delightful conversation with Kristi Derkacy who is the host of The Wisdom of Wyse Women Podcast. We...

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