New Moon:

February 9-10, 2013 we enter the New Moon Phase with the focus of Ash Moon Mother directing the flow. At 11:20:05 pm Pacific Time, the Moon and Sun join heart-to-heart. They are both aligning in the final energy of Rowan (Aquarius) yet prepare to enter the vibration of Pisces. Be sure to read of the Infinite Partnership of Ash-Hazel (one the web page at: ).

When examining the flow of initiation that the New Moon Provides, we will in fact be within the vibration of a Pisces (Ash) Signature. Imprinting on our psyche the will to be One, the desire to be compassionate, the open Sacred Heart reaching through the Dimensions of Allness and expressing in the Dimension of Humanness. At New Moon Chiron, Mercury, Mars and Neptune are all conjunct. Kissing Cousins. We might call them. Chiron moves to the forefront calling all to remember to be compassionate and the willing Healer of all ills. Chiron calls fort the power to Serve while maintaining self-governing realities. Mercury steps in to keep the mind, tuned into the telepathic regions of the universe, use the intuitive and logical qualities to enhance awareness of the Oneness, and be open to communicate the wisdom of the Universe. Mars follow Mercury with the Creative Ideation and strong intention to keep the collective field moving forward in spiritual endeavors, seeking peace rather than war, and uncovering the strength in sacred healing rather than victimization of separation. Neptune, ruler of Pisces, follows them all…holding up the tail of wisdom that we are All One and can sacrifice anything that keeps us from this knowing. The Moon will follow in a few hours, keeping us in the flow of inner knowing. In a few days the Sun will be at the tail of this group and take us fully into our Christed-Self Awareness. We need only “see the light” of this truth and live it.

Jupiter is now free from the retrograde cycle it has followed for several months. Jupiter is in Gemini and you likely are already feeling the freedom of your mind, the expansion of ideas, and the wisdom to communicate in benevolent ways to all others. You may discover your desires to enter your community and be a greater part of it. You may uncover the sacred voice you carry and speak with the Heart of a Higher Intention. Though Jupiter squares the stellium in Pisces spoken about above, this square is the “rub” to remain aware of sacred wisdom and use it, rather than blabber about beliefs you are not even sure you comprehend. This square will remind you to comprehend the Truth, feel it deep within, let it surface with knowing and then speak of it. Don’t take unfounded risks to talk about what you don’t know but believe you know. Know before you speak and you will reveal the benefit of this squaring process.

Saturn in Scorpio is in a very positive alignment with the Stellium in Pisces (Trine). Allow the flow of the deeper inner wisdom to be recognized, corralled so you will properly use it, and then speak about it from the center of your awareness (not forcing others to know it or live it). Venus squares Saturn, pausing any sense of aggressiveness and forcefulness in order to assist you in making sure that what is communicated is done from the power of relating with grace and harmony rather than command and control. Venus will encourage the power of beautiful surroundings that help open the door to communications of care and nurturing wisdom.

The square of Uranus and Neptune are moving closer together again (remember, this will occur until 2015). It will tighten the awareness of Living in Unconditional Love, allowing for the Unique Expression of the Universe to be seen through individuals, and reverse any trends that will not allow this love to be expressed in the newly developing 5th world. In the bigger event of the world, seek to recognize the major changes of governments and the desire of humanity to strengthen world peace rather than remain in the act of war. In fact, how can you communicate the Power of Peace in creative, beneficial ways in your own community neighborhood or community of your working environment?

May you instil in the energy of the new moon, your thoughts, emotions and intended actions to create a world of peace. Seed the Moon with the New Thought and New Emotions of ways and means to live Peace. May you feed the field of Collective Humanity with Love, Compassion, and Sacred Living.

Warm blessings,


Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.

President, SPICA – Way of Light