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Reed 2020

Hello everyone: We have come to the time period that reveals the prominent axis from which all experiences have rotated this year. Many shafts of energy, being both dark and light in frequency, have been revealed. The power of 2020 is in this lunar month of Reed. It...

Magick of Samhain 2020

Magick of SamhainOct 31-Nov 7, 2020 This cross-quarter ceremony is noted, most often, as Halloween on Oct 31 . However, a Cross Quarter Ceremony is most effective when the Sun is at 15 degrees of Scorpio for Samhain and that occurs at November 6th, at 4:30 p.m.,...

Cosmic Influence – New Moon – October 16, 2020

The Moon and Sun meet at 23 degrees 53 Minutes in Libra at 1:30:54 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time.  Mercury, as all likely know, is retrograde in Scorpio and began its descent into its shadow October 7th .  It went fully retrograde on October 13th, moves direct on...

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