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SPICA - Way of Light espouses the philosophy of the Divine Feminine, Mystical Christ Principles of Life.

This is a school and church with a spiritual philosophy that offers the tenets of the Divine Mystery through a protocol of all philosophies of Ancient Wisdom. Through the Divine Feminine, Mystical Christ teachings, we find that deciphering the mysteries can be revealed in many forms and provides a means for all people to find the Sacred Alignment for their soul evolution.  Whether you profess a philosophy in Metaphysics, Divine Mind Sciences Transpersonal development or mystical wisdom, SPICA - Way of Light Church and University of Divinity provide support and growth.

This Metaphysical Church and University of Metaphysics is dedicated to the philosophical study and understanding of the Divine Feminine, The Holy Mother and Holy Father.

Inspired on the works of Rev. Katherine Bell*, Ph.D., D.D., Founder and President of SPICA - Way of Light, the SPICA- Way of Light Church practices transpersonal philosophies based in Divine Mind sciences and mystical wisdom.  The SPICA - Way of Light University of Divinity offers a metaphysical educational system with a New Thought-Transpersonal Approach(SM) philosophy, providing degrees in spiritual philosophy, ministerial diplomas, and healing diplomas.

*Formerly known as Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.

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